About Us


About the Company

Fantasy Capital Club , a unit of Fantasy Capital Club. India’s fastest growing tourism Management Company . Fantasy Capital Club takes you to the best holidays ever… No more hectic schedules and stress only comfort. Enjoy your vacations to the fullest. At Fantasy Capital Club we provide a blueprint for all your holiday needs. We operate enjoyable tours all over the world, with the minimum budget. Our assistance makes you feel cared and cherished.

Fantasy Capital Club will help you have the best vacations of your life, take you to places which have existed only in your dreams till now, and give you an Opportunity to earn and travel.

You must join us because Fantasy Capital Club is a stable. It has solid backing by a successful and established Business Group. It has universal line of products and an opportunity to build a global business from home. It has strong presence in many States in India with continuous expansion plans in pipeline.

Our Misssion

At Fantasy, we strive to be the most professional and customer oriented tourism company worldwide. We ensure to deliver superior quality service along with positive travel experiences in an ethical & dynamic way.

Our Beliefs



We believe in leading the Travel & Tourism industry by delivering positive customer experiences and using our methodical & practical solutions to enhance our business.



Customer satisfaction being our prime motto, we believe in Commitment & Consistency that fosters a culture in which our team executes at the highest level.



In all that we do we strive to treat customers with respect, compassion and integrity. And, with the commitment we exhibit towards our goal & mission, we feel completely connected with our existing & new customers we deal with